Mountains: On top of the World

I just returned from a wonderful holiday in the Alps. What better place to get some activity and fresh air than a mountaintop? The cool, crisp mountain air, beautiful view, and preserved nature make mountains an ideal destination for enjoying activities such as skiing, snowboarding, snow show walking or hiking.

Have you ever heard of people who say that they feel refreshed after skiing or hiking? What they are saying is true. Along with the benefits of exercise, the mountain air has some unexpected health benefits as well, known as climatotherapy. Spending time in a different, cleaner, more suitable climate, has helped millions of people around the world. Mountains are also filled with good negative ions which make us feel refreshed.
Air is also filled with these ions right after thunderstorm, which is the reason why you feel so good what this happens.The mountain air helps in strengthening the nervous and immune system, as well as improving your metabolism.

How does this work?

  • The biggest benefit of fresh air is that your entire body works better. If you know how the human body works, you know that our blood transfers oxygen to all our cells.
    If you improve the quality of air that you breathe, you are literally giving your body and organs better “fuel”. This means that all your body functions will improve, and all your organs will perform better.
  • Immune system: have you ever wondered why people who tend to go skiing almost never get colds or flu? This is because the quality of mountain air directly affects our immune system. You are also avoiding any kind of germs or dust particles.
  • Less stress: combination of fresh mountain air, the smell of nature and the scenery will always reduce your stress levels and you will feel happier.
  • More energy: although being in the mountains can be really tiring, it can actually increase your energy levels.
    Many doctors recommend going to the nature if you want to replenish your energy.

Other health benefits:

  • Mountain air will efficiently clean your lungs
  • It is good for cardiovascular system
  • Controls blood pressure
  • You won’t have problems with falling asleep
  • You will feel calmer
  • Improved digestion

It’s no wonder top world athletes train at high altitudes! The mountains offer a nice getaway, and can really help you put life in perspective and your thoughts in order. It is a very humbling and gratifying experience climbing to the top of a mountain and taking a look down.

You feel on top of the world!